Volunteer Roles in the Production Department

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Types of Volunteer Roles needed in the Production Department.

Broadcast/Podcast Audio Production

Role: (weekly duration / shift commitment)

- DJ – Music Show (2-3 hour program / 2+ hours prep)
- Host/Producer – Podcast Program (10-60 minute program / 2+ hours prep)
- Short Form Producer (30 second - 3 minute announcements / 1-2 hours prep)
- Spot work – PSAs, KDHX Welcomes…
- Arts and Events Calendar
- Concert Calendar
- St. Louis Music Minute
- Audio Archivist/Podcast Technical Producer (1-3 hour weekly shift)
- Recording/Editing Engineer, aka “ProTools Pro” (2-3 hour weekly shift)

Live at KDHX Performances

Role: time commitment/as scheduled

- Primary Session Audio Engineer (2-3 hours/session)
- Assisting Session Audio Engineer (2-3 hours/session)
- Live Audio Remix & Mastering Engineer (3-4 hours/session)
- Video Producer – shooter, editor, or both (1-6 hours/session)
- Live Video Technician – cameras and live switching for Facebook live broadcast (1-3 hours/session)
- Photographer - shooter, editor (1-2 hours/session)

LIVE Event Production in The Stage

Role: time commitment/as scheduled

- Assisting House Technician (2-­5 hours/event) - assists with lighting, audio recording, and house management
- Video Producer – shooter, editor, or both (1-­5 hours/event, 2­-4 hours post­production)

New Volunteer's Next Steps

  1. Decide which volunteer position will be your preferred area of focus, and prioritize based on how you can be most productive readily.
  2. Apply for your preferred position(s) at Producton Volunteer Registration
  3. Determine the days and times that you are available to volunteer on a weekly basis.
    NOTE: Please assume 2 hours weekly for the training period, conducted during KDHX office hours (10am-8pm/Monday-Friday).
    Hours are flexible after a volunteer is trained and qualified for the position.
  4. Reply to or contact the Chief Media Production Officer, Andy Coco [via coco at kdhx.org, or 314-664-3955 ext. 805]
    Provide the information from Steps 1 and 2 and how to best reach you to arrange our first consult appointment.
  5. Begin training and do great work!!

While Waiting to be Contacted

- Listen to KDHX 88.1 FM, and check out kdhx.org and podcasts.kdhx.org. Determine which content most appeals to you.
- Download "Audacity" and install it at home. Use tutorials and web guides to learn how this software works, and all the things it can do.
- Consider what it will take for your new idea to find a home at KDHX. Is our audience right for your idea? Is KDHX the right platform for it?
- If you are thinking ”I want to do a radio show – what do I do now?”
- send an email to programming at kdhx.org
- mention briefly what kind of program you are interested in doing, i.e., music, talk, short form, etc.
- request additional information about the process of applying for a program on KDHX.
- see Volunteer Role: DJ or Show Host for more info.