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This is an overview of the DJ/Host volunteer position.

KDHX DJs are the most public-facing representatives of the organization. For this reason, it is important to ensure that our DJs are well-trained as hosts and board operators for the station.

Overview of the KDHX DJ/host training process:

  1. Sign up to Volunteer here: Production Volunteer Application.
  2. Assemble and submit show script per instructions in this document: KDHX DJ App part 1: Pre-Demo Scripting & Tips
  3. If approved, demo production and basic technical overview training with KDHX Staff.
  4. Application submission and demo to the Programming Team. (We do not accept demos or air checks produced for other stations, or completed without KDHX guidance.)
  5. If approved, final host and programming training with KDHX Staff.
  6. Final technical training, KDHX Producer Contract and organizational stewardship training.
  7. Practice/test sessions to ensure readiness - record a full show in Evergreen format.
  8. Contract returned, preparation to sub for other hosts, including our automation system, Spinitron playlist entry, and FCC and Legal Stuff

Considering the schedule availability for training and approval by a committee that meets once a month, it is safe to say that this process can take about three months to complete. We can often use people for subbing within a few weeks of training completion, unless the hosts specialty is very focused on a single music genre. Getting a show could take as little as a few months, or as long as a few years.

Goal of Position: To host an entertaining and professional radio show for KDHX listeners, both on-air and online.

Current Number of Volunteers: 94

Positions Open

Program schedule is already full 24/7, newly approved applicants are put on a waitlist and can actively sub. The wait for your own show can be anywhere from a few months to a few years, and slow slotting is based on personal availability as well as fit/flow within the program schedule as determined by our Program Committee.

Sample Activities

- Preparing your show in advance.
- Substituting, and/or hosting a weekly show. Music shows are 2-3 hours and talk shows are generally ½-1 hour long.
- Running the board for on-air output.
- Communicating with listeners via KDHX.org andor KDHX e-mail.


- Length of commitment is ongoing on a weekly basis.
- Estimated time commitment is a minimum of 3-5 hours per week.


- Substitute as available.
- Weekly shows may be offered for undesirable time slots. Most applicants will not start out with a prime-time or daytime slot.


KDHX Radio Station, 3524 Washington Ave.

Qualifications and Interests Sought

- A passion for music or a topic, and a general interest in learning more and sharing information with our listeners.
- An understanding of the overall sound and mission of KDHX, ensuring host's ability, style and programming is compatible.


- You get to be on the radio!
- Board operator experience.
- Access to music via our station library that you might not otherwise hear about.
- Playing an integral role in the Saint Louis arts and music community.

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