In Studio Facebook Live Video Process - Using OBS

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(Caution prior to editing - Andy has notes and screen grabs available - awaiting previously written notes from Media Dept to incorporate)

Prod 3 Mac Computers

The Facebook Live video process uses physical cabling to get signals from Cameras to our Video Switching computer. For this, we use a larger Mac tower computer accomodating a multiple input video card. This tower is living on the floor under the desk, and is seperate from the the Mac mini on the desk with monitor. Video output from the tower Video switching Mac uses the Samsung TV that is mounted on the wall via HDMI1 input.

To get started, you'll need to:
1. power up the Mac tower on the floor (button on front near device inputs),
2. turn on the Samsung TV - button at bottom right or with remote control, and
3. do a physical exchange of the keyboard and mouse, stored under the monitor/rack.
(Note: the wireless mouse has a power button on the bottom that should be turned on/off with use).

OBS Software

The person managing the switcher and images in the program we'll broadcast is called the Technical Director or TD.

  • In the OBS software, the left side is a preview window connected to the list of sources at bottom left. The right side window is the program going out to the audience via Facebook Live stream.
  • Click on an item in the list to put in the preview window on the left. This is where and how adjustments to cameras should occur - prior to using in the right side program window. (for instance, using a camera preset will display the preset number - this change should not be made on a camera already in the program / right side window.)
  • To transition the Previewed source selection into the Program window either by double clicking the source, or by clicking the transition button in the middle. The type of transition used can be changed with the buttons in the middle, between the windows.
  • During sound check, unmute audio input in OBS, set mixer fader to full volume output, and use Studio Mixer pot to adjust level getting into PBS - shoot for yellow, above green, no red. Click red Mute button until everything is ready to Go Live! We will want to mute audio on occasion if we show video before or after broadcast with performer on standby - this verbal can be problematic or questionable in appropriateness for our audience.

Cameras Setup and Control

We have 3 robotically controlled cameras utilizing hard wiring from 3 locations in the 2nd floor performance studio ceiling, and/or in 3 locations in The Stage (labeled 1st floor). These cable runs terminate near the large computer in Prod 3. These cables feeding the video card are labeled according to their input into the Black Magic card. Tracing these to the wall connects will orient you to what is currently connected, and what may need to be moved for the particular session's use. DO NOT change the cabling connected to the computer's PCI card, as this connection can be a bit fragile. Instead, change feeds to the computer at the BNC side, where they are connected to the wall.

Functions to go over... I/O: power supply, rear output jacks, cable types, settings IR: orientation of IR, IR # setting, and remote control Remote Use: presets, reset PTZ, practice making adjustments, focussing on mic and mic stand, setting presets

Facebook LIVE Stream Key

In order to GO LIve! , we need to be logged in to Facebook, and functioning as the KDHX user profile.

Order of operations:

  1. Facebook Live login handled by Media Dept supervisor (*who will also provide ideal copy for post text - if not present, look for it in the Smartsheet)
  2. go to Create Live Stream page - do not be tempted to use the stream key provided yet
  3. change user for post to KDHX, then acquire/copy this new Stream Key
  4. enter text for FB post provided by Media Dept*
  5. paste stream key into OBS settings
  6. OBS: Start Streaming
  7. when band, engineer, etc are ready, click Go Live! on FB post