Helpful Editing Tools and Tricks

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These tools will help you when you are Editing With ProTools.

So will ProTools Icons and Tools.


This is helpful when a cut/edit has been made too close and sounds somewhat garbled.

- To crossfade one section to another, use the Selector tool to highlight the area where both sections meet.
Highlight crossfade.png

- Then, go to Edit => Fades => Create or use the keyboard shortcut Apple + F.

- From here, you can adjust the weight of the fade by using the cursor to move the waveform forward or backwards.
- Click OK.

Time Compression/Expansion

Time Compression/Expansion can be helpful when a recording exceeds the length that it should be.

For example, let's say you recorded a 30 second underwriting spot, but it ended up topping out at 34 seconds.

- To fix a situation like this, go to AudioSuite => Other => Time Compression Expansion.
- Change the Destination Length to the desired length and click on Process.
- Be sure to listen to your entire piece after using this tool to make sure that the pace still sounds natural and not too rushed. If it does sound too rushed, you may need to cut a few seconds out.

Time compression.png


This can be used to change the volume of a selected portion of the waveform that is too loud or too quiet. This is especially helpful after re-recording different sections.

- To change the gain of a section, use the Insertion tool to highlight the area.
- Go to AudioSuite => Other => Gain.
- Adjust the Gain accordingly, preview the clip and click Process.