Arts and Events Calendar Script Template

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The following template is to be used in the creation of KDHX Arts/Events Calendar recordings.

Hello. This is the eighty-eight one KDHX Arts & Events Calendar for DAY/DATE.

-> Click here for Listings
line 1: On DAY of Week, PRESENTER will present EVENT TITLE.  
line 2: DESCRIPTION (1 sentence - remove promotional, provocative, qualitative, or quantitative language).
line 3: EVENT TITLE (or the event/screening/lecture/etc.) will happen/screen/take place on DAY & DATE, at PLACE (location with neighborhood, but omit street address) at "TIME" (or) from TIME SPAN.
line 4: For more information, (always omit www, spell out letters that aren't real words, and always spell out ORG)"

To get your event listed in the Arts and Events Calendars, submit it at KDHX dot ORG.

I'm __________________ (your name)
From the Grand Center Arts District, this is eighty-eight one KDHX, St. Louis.

NOTE: please consult our St. Louis Pronunciation Guide for any words that are difficult or elusive. We want to sound like we live here, so we'll always go with local pronunciations. If you learn how to pronounce something that isn't there, please report the new information to a staff member to get it added.