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Use this template for the Metadata Information fields on the right side of the page when editing in Joomla.



For Charts:

- Check out the KDHX Name chart for the week of Month Day, Year.
- Replace "Name" with name of the chart; July 9, 2013 etc.


"Listen to the live performance on KDHX M/D/Y. presents free, exclusive, in-studio sessions from the finest independent artists. Meet your new favorite band at Independent music plays here."


For Charts:

- Name of chart, music, 88.1, KDHX, indie, St. Louis, Saint Louis, radio, charts, air play, DJs, spins, related genres.
- Related genres would be: country, folk, bluegrass, alt-country for Americana; rock, pop, electronic for CMJ; rock, pop, alt-country for Adult Album Alternative; etc. Use your best judgment.


- Artist, indie, genre, genre, mp3, Soundcloud, streaming audio, music, recording sessions, radio, live performance, Live at KDHX, KDHX, St. Louis.
- Add the keywords "video" and/or "photography" if applicable.