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When are "tracking hours?"

  • Tracking calls should be made between 12:00 noon and 3:00 p.m. on Mondays, and Fridays (Central Time).

Who should people speak to regarding tracking, in-studio sessions, phone interviews, etc.?

  • Many people will ask to speak to Nick, which usually means that they want to speak to someone who can help them with tracking. If you have permission to be answering the Music Department phone line or e-mails, chances are you are qualified to help with tracking.

How can I get my music on KDHX and/or submit a CD for airplay?

  • CDs should be sent to the following address; ATTN: Nick Acquisto / KDHX FM / 3524 Washington Ave. / St. Louis, MO 63103. It is helpful if you include a one-sheet that describes the music and lists key tracks, potential FCC violations, press quotes and contact information. Full album artwork, track listing and jewel cases are also ideal. Full-length digital submissions and vinyl are permissible, but CDs are preferred. Due to the quantity of music that KDHX receives each week, we do not accept singles or cassettes, and are unable to return materials that are sent to us. KDHX accepts all genres of music. Submitters should wait approximately 2 weeks to follow up with the station.

How can my band arrange an in-studio performance?

  • Send an email to

How do I get in touch with a specific programmer?

  • Go to, look under Radio –> Programs, and click on the name of the show that you are looking for. Most programmers have an email address listed on their show's page, but if they do not, advise the caller to call the studio during the show at 314-664-3688. (Note: This is only for fans with questions, or people who have a very good reason to want to be in touch with a programmer. NOT for promoters!)

How do I find out what song was playing at X time on X day?

  • Go to, look under Radio –> Programs, click on the show that corresponds to the time given, and that’s about as close as we can get a caller. We are a music department, not psychics.

Responding to Emails

All of the list of adds in email need to be added to the Adds Google Doc.

  • Respond to all personal emails.
  • Respond to all local emails.
  • Respond to mass emails at your discretion.
  • Respond to tracking emails when there is time, by phone is preferable, but if we haven’t spoken to someone in a week or two, track via email.

The answer to most questions can be found in the Music Department FAQ. Email responses using a template will soon be posted on a Writeboard.

When you read or respond to an email, archive or delete it based on these rules:

  • Archive all promoter emails in the Promoter Archive folder.
  • Archive all label emails in the Label Archive folder.
  • Emails from individual artists or bands should be moved to the Individual Artists Archive.

Logging Phone Messages in Salesforce

Log into Salesforce.

Dial the voice mail on the Music Department's phone. Follow these steps for each message:

  • Type the first three letters of the company name into the Search bar in the upper left corner of the page.
    • If the search does not display an account, add the account to Salesforce (see below), and then add the contact information to that account.
    • If the search returns the correct contact for that account, click on that person’s name.
    • If the search returns the correct account, but not the correct person, click on the account name and add the contact information to the account.
  • Under Open Activities for the contact, go to New Task.
  • Change Phone Subject to Return Call.
  • Click the Date link to fill in that field.
  • Leave as Assigned to Do.
  • Record any specific information in the Comments section.
  • Click Save Task.

You’re ready for the next message!

(Hint – you can press " * " to pause the message playback while recording the details. It is easier to record the information directly into Salesforce, than to transfer it from paper into Salesforce later. You can always go back and listen to the messages again.)

Adding Accounts

Log into Salesforce.

Type the first three letters of the company name into the Search bar in the upper left corner of the page.

  • If the search does not show an account, click on the Accounts tab at the top of the screen, select All Accounts from the View drop down menu, and click Go.
  • Click on the first letter of the company name and verify that the account is not in the system.
  • Select Account from the Create New drop down menu.
  • Enter the name of the company as the Account Name and select Music as the account constituency. If you do not set Music as the constituency, other music directors will not be able to see the account.
  • Enter any additional information you have that is specific to the account, and not a particular contact.
  • Click the Save button when finished, and the account detail view will display.
  • Click the Change link next to the Account Owner field.
  • Type “Nico” into the box and click Save.