Recording: Using Audio HiJack

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How to Create a WideOrbit-ready recording with Audio HiJack Software

Starting the application

A. Begin by starting the software called Audio HiJack, located at the menu bar at the bottom (also in the Mac's "Applications" folder).


Look for this screen below.
If you are not seeing it, see below: IF YOU'RE STUCK
NOTE: DO NOT generate a "New Session"


- go to the Window menu at the top, and choose Home screen
- from the Home screen, choose the Sessions tab, and select KDHX Recording from Mixer or the like
- double click it to get to the screen above, and referenced below in the remaining instructions.


File naming and settings

B. Check settings before you record, and NAME YOUR FILE something useful

1. Click on the "Recorder" square
2. edit filename, and save to location - best to use "Desktop"
3. verify Record Format settings (more detail below)
Recording settings
- Format: Custom, WAV, 16-bit, Stereo
- Save recordings to: ~/Desktop - use the Select button to choose.
- Name recordings with: your production title, e.g. "Wax Lyrical pre-record"
4. Ignore Tags section


C. Click record circle/button below left to begin recording. The button will flash red, and the time numbers will tick away, indicating that it is recording.

D. Click red record button again to stop recording. The new audio file will automatically save to the location set in Save to: above.

option 1. Click Pause to temporarily stop recording, and release pause to continue with the same recording.
option 2. Click Split to immediately save the file where you are at, and simultaneously begin a new recording. Files saved will automatically add a 1, 2, 3, etc to the end.

E. Enjoy your beautifully recorded WAV file that's sitting on the desktop, ready to edit in Fission. (or ProTools)

Editing your new Recording

Sound files that are recorded in Audio HiJack are easily edited and converted to other file formats using the companion software Fission - click for instructions.