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This Wiki page explains the steps for purging an image from KDHX.org.

You will need to do this if you want to change the image on a page on KDHX.org.

Our site uses an image server called MaxCDN. This server stores and delivers most of the images on our site. So, if you created an article and you uploaded an image, but later wanted to change the image, you need to purge all related images from MaxCDN.

Getting Started and Logging In

Before beginning, make sure you have removed the old image and uploaded the new image to the article as you ordinarily would. That image may appear in the preview in the back-end editor for the article, but it will not appear to the public on KDHX.org until you go through this purge process.

You will need a MaxCDN Admin account. If you don't have one, contact Ann at kdhx.org.

Log in to MaxCDN Control Panel: https://cp.maxcdn.com


Click on Zones in the top menu.


Click on Pull Zones.

Managing and Purging the Cache


On the right, click the down arrow by Manage next to the first zone line (the kdhxorgcdn1 / cdn1.kdhx.org zone).


Choose Manage Cache from the drop down.

You will work with Purge Individual Files on the left. Important: Do NOT click Purge All Files on the far right.


In File Path field on the left, enter the Image Location URL for the image you want to purge from KDHX.org.

To get that URL, just open another tab in your browser to go to KDHX.org, locate the page that contains the image you want to purge, go to it, then do a right click or Control Click on the image in question and choose "Copy Image Location."

The URL you have copied will look like this:


Paste that URL into the File Path field on the left.


You want the relative URL, so remove the http://cdn1.kdhx.org/ from the start of it after pasting in.


Then click Purge.

You will get a confirmation of successful purge at the top of your screen.

Purging All Image Sizes

Because KDHX.org uses a variety of image sizes, you need to purge all of them. If your URL ended in L.jpg, that means you purged the "Large" image. Now you need to purge the rest.


Just change the "L" to "M" and purge. Repeat process for "S", then "XL" and finally "G" for "generic." That will purge all the images.

Checking Your Work

Go to your KDHX.org tab with the page in question and refresh. Your new image will now appear.

You may log out of MaxCDN now.

If you have any problems, email Ann at kdhx.org.