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Logging into YouTube

- Go to Youtube and log in to the KDHX account. This information can be obtained from Andy or another Video Producer.

Be discreet with this password. If you are on a public computer, remember to log out after you are finished!

- Once you are logged in, make sure that you are logged into the correct account, which is the account with 8.5K subscribers. (see example below)


Video file upload

- Click on the Upload button in the upper right corner of the YouTube window.

- Find the video you want to upload on your hard drive, drag and drop it in this window.


-Fill in the title field completely, using the name of the band/act, the text "Live at KDHX" and the date in short format.

ex. Fanfarlo Live at KDHX 4/5/14

The description field will be pre-filled with a template detailing how the finished information should be formatted. Fill in what you can of this information, but if there is something you do not know, leave the template item with the brackets. This happens most often with [LINK], [DJ] and [SHOW]. These items will be corrected in final review, before the video is made public.

- Five tags will pre-fill from the template. Do not worry about adding any tags for your video. Our tags are strictly formatted and will be added in final review.

- Privacy should be set to Private.

- When you are done filling in information for this video, click on the button that says Done.

- If you have other videos to upload, you can queue them up by using the Add More Files button on the lower right corner of the YouTube window.

- Log out of YouTube.

When you have finished uploading new videos, find the applicable row in our Smartsheet, make a comment that the videos are now on YouTube ready for review with any useful reporting of content or production issues.

Final review process

- Valerie will review each video on YouTube, looking for any problems that may have been missed. Comments may be provided; sometimes a video may be rejected for use or sent back for repair. All of these communications are handled via Smartsheet Discussion.

NOTE: It is a good idea to report the wart - that is, when you mention in the comment string (and e-mail to Val) that new videos have been uploaded to our YouTube account and set to private for review, if anything isn't how you'd like it (desired shot unavailable, unavoidable background distraction, etc) mention the issue in advance, so that Val or Andy need not going into the training cycle with you about it. If you report the known issue, we will not need to point it out or attempt to remedy.

- Reviewer will double check band and song names for accuracy, fill in any missing information from the video description, and add tags for each video.

- Once reviewed, the videos are compiled into YouTube playlists, published and appended to a article about the live session. Notification of publication will be sent via Smartsheet and seeded to Facebook.


- Tags are used to help YouTube users find our videos easier.
- They are also used on our KDHX YouTube channel to create playlists based on any keywords in our videos.
- Capitalization is very important, as "Americana" and "americana" are two different tags according to YouTube. Since their recommendations are always capitalized, we will follow suit.
- Use the YouTube recommended Tag whenever possible;
  • i.e., use "Dead Milkmen (Musical Artist), as recommended by YouTube,
  • vs. "Dead Milkmen," or "dead milkman" - use Capitalization.
- Most commonly used Genre Tags will be;
  • Americana (Broadcast Genre)
  • Folk Music (Musical Genre), Folk Rock (Musical Genre)
  • Acoustic (Musical Genre)
  • Rock (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre)
  • Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Indie Folk (Musical Genre), Indie Pop (Musical Genre)
- Other tags of interest - Unique musical instruments
  • string instruments, i.e., Violin and/or Fiddle, Cello, Viola, Mandolin, Banjo, Steel Guitar (NOT "Upright Bass," "Bass" or "Guitar" as those are common in the KDHX world. If ONLY acoustic guitars are used, include "Acoustic Guitar")
  • horns, i.e., Saxophone (do not inc. alto, tenor, bari, etc.), Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Tuba, etc.
  • keyboards, i.e., Hammond, Accordion (NOT "Piano" or "Keyboard")
  • percussion, i.e., Vibraphone, Xylophone, Djembe, Bongos, Congas, Washboard, etc. (NOT "Drums" or anything describing a typical drum kit.)
- Other tags of interest - Band's City of Origin, Affiliated Bands.