Publishing Checklist

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Publishing Checklist

Have you reviewed the following?


Spell-check all text and double-check spellings of all names and double-check all facts

Run text through the smart quote cleaner

Format text cleanly in plain text document. Never paste in text copied from Word, Google Docs, Pages, RTF (rich text) or any other document other than simple plain text.

Copy only the text, with no extra line breaks at top or bottom

Working in Joomla

Insert using the plain text icon

Metadata: Keywords (these are words that someone is likely to use when searching for the article in Google)

Metadata: Description (this is usually copied from the lede with quotation marks removed after pasting in to the little window)

AP style (short version, long version)

Headline format

Introtext/Lede (40 words or less)

Proper paragraphing for lede and body text; reminder that our content editor/WYSIWYG does not show paragraph breaks.

Good quality image from an official source, cropped to the right size (600x400 for most articles)

Image credit and/or caption:

Tags (these are words that are relevant to the article: genre, subject, major artists mentioned etc.)

Proper linking for important words or phrases, using converted URLs for internal KDHX links

Proper semantic linking (do not just paste in a raw URL to your text)

Proper attribution for outside source material. See examples from Charting the Music instructions.

Preview work before publishing: If you have Manager or higher privileges, save your draft as Special and as Published. Then log in to the front end of, find our article, review it for any errors; then you can return to the content editor window, make any final changes, and then save as Public and as Published.