Entering New Releases into the CD Library Database and Labeling

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Entering New Releases into the CD Library Database and Labeling

Pull the CDs to enter from the bottom shelf of the black shelving unit.

Open the "MD and Programming Portal" bookmarked on your browser and click the "Add to Physical+Label" button.

  • Click on "Add to Library"

Entries should be made in ALL CAPS

Enter information into the following fields, using the tab key to move between them:

  • Artist First Name - Only if it is an individual artist, not a band.
  • Artist Last Name or Band - Leave off articles such as ‘A’, ‘An’, ‘The’, etc. Compilations should be entered as “Various / with a couple of key words from the title.”
  • File Under - This is the first letter of the band name or the artist's last name - use "#" for compilations.
  • Title - Album title
  • Label Name - Name of record label, if there are multiple labels, only enter the first two, separated with a slash with spaces on both sides of it.
  • Genre - Select the appropriate genre from drop down menu.
  • Media - Select CD or LP from the drop down menu.

Click save and repeat.

You must enter information into all of the fields except Artist First Name, or the labels will not print correctly.

  • There are 30 labels to each sheet of printer paper. Checkbox the new albums you would like to print labels for, but only checkbox 30 at a time or they will overlap each other.
  • If you need to reprint a label for a CD already on the shelves that was edited, you can search for the album and checkbox that album to print it as well.
  • Load a couple sheets of 5160 Mailing Labels from the box on the upper shelf of the black shelving unit. The sheets go into the printer upside down.
  • Click the "Add checked to labels and print" button
  • Place the labels on the appropriate CDs with the letter on the spine.
  • Write KDHX on the face of the CD and inside of the case with a black sharpie
  • Shelve the CDs in alphabetical order within each genre on the new release shelf