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Chart data reconciliation

On Monday Morning:

Log into

  • Under Music Database, select Search
  • Search for "Disk spin statistics," check the New box, and select “Played in the 1 weeks ending (Date of the Sunday prior)
  • All albums marked as a new release will be retrieved.
  • Review all albums and make sure that the current year has been entered. For all albums without the year, control/click the album name and it will open in a new window. Go through each window and edit disk info, type the year, and save changes.
  • Search for "Disk spin statistics," uncheck the New box, type the current year in that field, and select “Played in the 1 weeks ending (Date of the Sunday prior).” (Charting is done on a Monday through Sunday timeline.)
  • Now, all of the new releases have been retrieved.
  • Click Download all results as a CSV file, and it will open as a spreadsheet.
  • Remove unneeded columns.
  • Look for duplicate or misspelled entries, and add the number of spins together and remove the lower numbers from the albums you are merging/combining.
  • List in-studio sessions from an artist with a new release as current spins from the album.
  • Keep an eye out for new various artist compilations, and combine the spins. Change the artist name to V/A

Now you should have all of the spin counts.

Share the .csv as an "xml" file in Google drive with everyone who needs it for the charts.

Entering CMJ Top 30 Charts

Login to CMJ using your personal reporter username and password.

  • Click Report KDHX Playlists.
  • Click Create New under the Radio 200 header.

Retrieve reconciled spin data shared with you in Google Drive. Albums are listed according to the number of spins they have received in the last week.

  • Arrange the Top 30 chart by entering the album with the highest number of spins listed first. There will be many albums that have the same number of spins. Priority is based on chart continuity, how commercially oriented the artist is, our relationship with the promoter/label/artist, and how recent the recording is. (should have been released within the last 3 months)
  • To chart an album, enter the artist name in the artist field, and then click Find.
  • Enter a check next to the appropriate album title. Be sure that you are entering the album that is listed in the reconciled data, as sometimes artists have more than one current release.
  • Compare reconciled data to the chart to ensure that no albums have been missed.
  • Submit chart.

Entering CMJ Specialty Charts

Login to CMJ with your personal reporter username and password.

  • Click Report KDHX playlists.
  • Select the appropriate specialty header, and select Create.
  • Click the button that says Copy entries from last week.
  • Cross-reference this chart with raw data (available on Basecamp) and search in the playlist archive. You may also have to check individual playlists on the Web site.
  • Albums with the most spins should always be at the top.
  • Jot down the top five albums, as you may need to enter the top albums again this week as filler at the bottom.
  • Add new entries from the data by typing the artist with the most spins in that genre into the number 1 position, then clicking Find and on down to 10. Click on the appropriate album title. Be sure that you are entering the album that is listed in the data, as sometimes artists have more than one current release.
  • Arrange the chart by entering the album with the most recent highest number of spins first. There will often be albums that have the same number of spins. Priority is based on spin count, chart continuity, probability of success, how commercially oriented the artist is (we try to shoot for the least commercial), our relationship with the promoter, and how recent the record is.
  • If you still don’t have enough data, fill it out with albums from the previous week. If you are still short, you may use spins from the next charting period.
  • When you have completed the chart, click Submit.
  • Select the appropriate specialty add chart from the menu.
  • Enter adds from the Google spreadsheet based on history of the artist at the station, probability of success and our relationship with the artist/labels/promoters.

Entering AMA Charts

Open the reconciled and sorted data for the week from the Spinitron Sheet in Google Drive that has been shared with you. It will be named "Spinitron (following Tuesday's date)"

Login to AMA. The username is “kdhx.” Ask Nick for the password.

  • Under the Playlist heading, click Current. This will present a blank chart.
  • Start entering albums with the highest number of spins first. AMA arranges albums with the same number of spins on its own, so you only have to worry about posting the accurate number of spins.
  • To enter an album, select the first letter of the band/artist’s name from the drop-down list. Various artist albums are listed under V.
  • Place a check mark by the appropriate artist and album title. Enter the number of spins in the blank field labeled Spins, and click Submit. Multiple artists with names beginning with the same letter, and who have the same number of spins, may be charted at the same time by placing a check mark next to each individual artist name, and then entering the number of spins.
  • After you finish going through the alphabet and before submitting the chart, go to the letter V where various artists are listed and search a keyword or phrase from the album title in the shared spreadsheet by using Apple F. Combine any spins and change the artist name to V/A for various artist. Enter spins into the AMA chart.

There is no limit to the number of entries for the chart. Continue charting albums until every album listed in the data that is available on the AMA entry form has been entered.

  • When you have completed and reviewed the chart, click Complete and then Submit chart.
  • Copy and paste the text of the chart into the body of an email, without formating. If it is formatted adjust it to "plain text" mode.
  • Delete the play counts from the list.
  • Email it to Nick.

Entering FMQB Charts

Open the reconciled and sorted data for the week from the Spinitron Sheet in Google Drive that has been shared with you. It will be named "Spinitron (Tuesday's date)"

Log into FMQB. Ask Nick for the username and password. Have both the Spinitron spreadsheet and FMQB side by side, so that you can see them both.

  • Click "Show Entry Table"
  • Follow through the list of albums from top to bottom and update the spin count for each album to the correct number of spins from the Spinitron Sheet, Use APPLE F to search key words of the artist or album name to find the correct spins.
  • Important: Hit tab or use your mouse to go to the next field in the FMQB form to enter the number of spins. DO NOT HIT ENTER AFTER YOU TYPE IN ANY OF THE SPINS! or it will submit last week's and you will need to delete and reenter almost the entire list. There's no way to edit.
  • Submit the entire updated form at the bottom once all spins have been typed in.
  • Once the updated number of spins have been submitted, Click "Add Spins"
  • Albums we add are nationally promoted, new releases being spun 3 or more times for the week or spun at least two times over the course of a couple weeks.
  • If the album meets that criteria, begin typing it into the form and it will auto-fill. Be sure to choose the album that has *Album Only* in the entry. We do not report singles.
  • Enter the number of spins and checkbox "new" if it is an album we've never reported. If it has been reported before and has fallen off our chart (0 spins for two weeks in a row) do not "new" should not be checked.
  • Adds are submitted one at a time.
  • After the adds have been submitted, Log out.

Updating Adds GoogleDoc

Open the KDHX Adds Googlesheet for the next, upcoming add date (Tuesday).

Sign into

  • Go to your Cases.
  • Scroll through the cases with Adds as a Case Reason, and cases that may contain upcoming adds.

Check the GoogleDoc to see if the adds have already been listed.

  • If they have not, then enter the date in the first column, the Artist/Album/Label in the second, the promoter (promotional company) in the third, include the genre in the fourth. (One CD may be added to multiple charts.)
  • Once the album is in the sheet Resolve case and move on to the next one.

E-mailing Chart

Users must have the nickname “” set up as their e-mail. If it is not set up, please see the I.T. Administrator.

  • Change the From e-mail address to “” This will prevent promoters from using personal KDHX e-mail address, and it is important for ensuring that all music-related emails are directed to the Music Department queue in Salesforce.
  • In the To field, enter “”
  • Click on the Add Bcc link, type in the first few letters of the name of the group that you are emailing the charts to, (i.e., Top 30, Specialty or AMA), and select the group. This process maintains the privacy of the promoters.
  • In the Subject field, use the following format: “KDHX CHART TYPE mm.dd.yy

In a separate window or tab, log in to CMJ and click on Report KDHX Charts.

Once the charts have closed for the week, (1 p.m. CST on Tuesdays,) there will be a list of Available Charts for Viewing.

  • Click Show for the chart you wish to send. For AMA, you should already have a draft of the charts if you have followed the instructions for Entering AMA Charts.
  • Copy and paste the text of the chart into the body of your message, below whatever station updates and/or pleasantries you have written. Adds should go below the charts. Hip hop, Jazz, New World and RPM all go into the Specialty Chart e-mail.
  • Click Send.

Posting Chart Online

Go to

  • Click on Radio > Charts.
  • Click on the type of chart you will be posting, i.e., Americana, CMJ Top 30, Electronic, Jazz, Hip Hop or World.
  • Copy the title of one chart already posted in this category.
  • Click Add a new item in this category on the upper right.
  • Paste the name in the Title field, and change the date to the date that the chart was submitted.
  • Copy and paste this title with the new date into the Title alias field.
  • Change the Creation Date and Start Publishing Date on the right to the date of the new chart.
  • Select the Category from the drop-down menu of locations, containing various chart categories.
  • Copy and paste the chart spreadsheets from CMJ, AMA, or FMQB into the content box.

If extra columns show up, double click on the heading of that column and click the Remove Column button, located with the other tools.

  • The AMA charts will display as links, and will remove the number of plays column. Click the Unlink button and the links should disappear.
  • Click the Save button in the upper right corner, then after the page refreshes and you see "Item Saved" in blue at top of window, click the Close button in the upper right. You may then exit the page and verify that your chart has posted.

Repeat this process for each chart.