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Overview: All 4 AV studios (labeled 1-4) are available for recording and editing simple audio projects.

The Arrakis 8 channel mixer in these rooms acts as the central hub for all audio monitoring and routing in the room. These are the 3 primary functions:

  • Monitoring - via headphones or speakers
  • Routing - from each channel / source that is turned ON
  • Mixing - all signals from ON channels are mixed together using the fader level

The Arrakis mixer has one primary output labeled "Program" and this output is attached to the Mac computers in each room via USB cable, and therefore acts as the sound card for the computer in these rooms.

Other devices in the room that can record (CDR, DAT or World Feed Panel outputs) also see the signal from the main output of the mixer "Program," so signals running from any source through the mixer will be recorded when enabled. Users should always set level according to the meter on the Arrakis mixer at a point just below the color change from green to red. A few ticks of red on peaks are OK, but any more than that, and the signal will sound distorted. Remember, always undershoot record levels in meters, as you can always add volume later, but you cannot not recover good audio from distortion.

NOTE: Mac computers in AV 1 and AV2 have both ProTools licenses, as well as Audio HiJack / Fission licenses, but AV 3 and AV4 only have Audio HiJack and Fission available.

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